Bikram Yoga Copenhagen strives to produce the highest quality service and wellness experience for our clients, while reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. We care about our Corporate Social Responsibility. This entails achieving a strong and interactive relationship with our many stakeholders, suppliers, non-government organizations, and our students and staff.

This consciousness for sustainability and ethically-sourced products is reflected in the quality of everything we do – from our teaching standards, our friendly staff, down to the raw materials and building materials that houses us. Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded into every aspect of our business and is brought to life everyday through our classes, workshops, and social efforts.

Our studio strives for sustainability.

  • The construction of the studio was a collaboration between Trine Zafina Søndergaard and the prizewinning building company Logik & Co, whom have 20 years experience in environmental management and sustainability.
  • Our heating systems recycle heat and work to provide the best (and HOTTEST!) classes around. The heat runs between our 2 studio rooms recycling and providing heat to as many students we can, while using energy efficiently.
  • Our benches are made from reclaimed wood sourced from Asia.
  • “Zero paper” and recycling is applied as much as possible.
  • 100% Recycled rubber is used in our products and merchandise at the studio in an effort to lessen our carbon foot print.
  • Only organic cleaning products are used to ensure healthy and the highest quality of hygiene at Bikram Yoga Copenhagen.
  • Energy efficient LED lighting is implemented at Bikram Yoga Copenhagen.

Bikram Yoga Copenhagen supports environmental organizations, along with organizations devoted to human wellness. The relationship between environmental and human health is deeply linked, and the Bikram Yoga Copenhagen culture is deeply rooted in helping both to thrive.

Working closely with Copenhagen Yoga Club, we aim to bring yoga to children and youth. Our idea is through yoga to improve peoples’ well-being and health. And we believe with a healthier body and mind, we can create a healthier society and a healthier world.

Every week we have a Donation Class. All proceeds of go to Copenhagen Yoga Club and other charitable organizations.

Our core is our students. We deliver the service of yoga to our clients, and go the extra mile by letting all members of society experience the benefits of wellness through yoga. Our studio, with our students’ participation, also supports and organizes projects that promote health from diseases and gender equality (Movember, All Women’s Class, Pink Day-Breast Cancer Awareness etc). All this we do in a holistic approach where our business grows while ensuring that we use our planet’s resources responsibly.